How we work  

We are convinced that we will reach excellence assuring the quality control of our work.  For these purposes, we have implemented a 4-stage-scheme:

Translation: depending on factors such as field of expertise, volume and date of delivery, and with a view to text consistency and uniformity, each translation project is assigned to a minimum number of Translators, coordinated by a Project Manager

Proofreading: once the text is translated, it is submitted to the Proofreader, who will identify and correct any possible mistakes. Four eyes can see better than two! Our translations are read by native English, Spanish and French proofreaders in order to polish any language impurities and interferences.

Style Edition: at this stage, the Editor ensures that coherence, cohesion and style get aligned throughout the document. Here we apply “the language of the customer” in accordance with glossaries or reference documents. 

Final Revision: prior to the final delivery to the customer, the Project Manager controls the format of the translated document.

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